Friday, March 16, 2012

Luffar-Petter - 1922

Country: Sweden
Director: Erik A. Petschler
Writer: Erik A. Petschler
Stars: Anna Brandt, Gucken Cederborg and Agnes Clementsson
Release Date: 26 December 1922 (Sweden)
Also known as:  Lutalica Piter (Yugoslavia - literal title - Serbian title), Maailman Matti (Finland), Pedro el vagabundo (Venezuela), Pedro, O Vagabundo (Brazil), Peter the Tramp (undefined), Peter, der Vagabund (Germany)
Filming locations: Dalarö, Stockholms län, Sweden; Norrtälje, Stockholms län, Sweden; Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Teenage Girl In Swimwear | Character Name In Title
Genres: Comedy
Featured in
Jazzgossen (1958); The Love Goddesses (1965);
The Divine Garbo (1990) (TV) -  Clips from the film are used; "Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood" (1995); "Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood: Art's Promised Land (#1.2)" (1995)-  clip shown; Greta Garbo: A Lone Star (2001) (TV) 

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