Friday, March 23, 2012

His Majesty The Scarecrow Of Oz - 1914

Country: United States
Language: English
Director: L. Frank Baum
Writers: L. Frank Baum (novels), L. Frank Baum (screenplay)
Stars: Violet MacMillan, Frank Moore and Pierre Couderc
Release Date: 14 October 1914 (USA)
Also known as: Óz madárijesztője (Hungary); His Majesty, the Scarecrow (USA - review title); The New Wizard of Oz (USA - new title); The Scarecrow of Oz       (USA - alternative title); The Wizard of Oz (USA - promotional title)
Production Co: Oz Film Manufacturing Company, The
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Princess | Love | Scarecrow | King | Kangaroo  | Girl | Battle | Cornfield | Witch | Wizard | Wagon | Anthropomorphic Scarecrow | Double Exposure Effects | Adaptation Directed By Original Author | Underwater Scene | Animal Costume | Tin Man | Swordfish | Mermaid | Kidnapping | Barrel | Character Feels Around For Missing Head |
Magic Spell | Crow | Donkey | Rich Poor | Can | Decapitation | Sequel | Based On Novel
Taglines: The Oz Film Company presents L. Frank Baum's famous comedy
Genres: Family | Fantasy | Adventure | Comedy 
A wicked king has taken over the Emerald City, and wants his daughter, Princess Gloria to marry the horrid courtier Googly-Goo, though she loves Pon, the Gardener's Boy. The camera follows two farmers placing a Scarecrow upon a pole in a cornfield. Pon rescues a Kansas girl named Dorothy from the evil witch Mombi, whom Princess Gloria has been taken to by King Krewl to freeze her heart so she will no longer love Pon. An Indian princess has a ceremony to bring the Scarecrow to life. Pon rescues the cold-hearted princess and they flee for help, discovering the Scarecrow, who promptly falls in love with the princess, and Button-Bright, a lost boy from America. They come to the castle of the Tin Emperor, Nick Chopper, and after oiling him, he falls in love with Gloria. After a bit of a chase aided by the Sawhorse and the Wizard, Mombi turns Pon into a Kangaroo, and a slough of Fred Woodward's animals battle it out.
Featured in Wiz on Down the Road; The Whimsical World of Oz A scene from this film is shown; The Hollywood Road to Oz; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 50 Years of Magic;
In Search of Oz; Oz: The American Fairyland; The Yellow Brick Road and Beyond footage shown
Follows The Patchwork Girl of Oz; The Magic Cloak
Referenced in The Wizard of Oz; Aysecik ve sihirli cüceler rüyalar ülkesinde; Return to Oz 

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