Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diana the Huntress - 1916

Country: United States
Directors: Charles W. Allen, Francis Trevelyan Miller
Stars: Lionel Braham, Lt. Percy Richards and Paul Swan
Production Co: Pluragraph
Plot Keywords: Interpretive Dance | Flute | Reveller | Moon | Nymph  | Lyre | Dance | Goddess | Pan | Bow And Arrow | Goddess Worship
Diana is captured in the moon. Her nymphs, sitting with Pan on earth in a wooded glen, are sad. To cheer them and to signal her approaching return, Diana shoots an arrow to the earth where it blossoms into flowers. Accompanied by flute and lyre, the nymphs dance. Diana appears in their midst and leads them in revelry. In another part of the wood, Pan appears - he dances, leaps, jumps into a pond, and plays his flute. Tired, lies down to rest. 

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