Sunday, March 18, 2012

The All-England Angling Championship - 1912

Country: United Kingdom
An angling competition at Ely.
Run time: 1:54
Genre: Newsreel; Sport
A shot over the River Great Ouse showing Ely Cathedral. A train passes in the background. There are views of the competitors along the river bank. These overhead shots are probably filmed from the railway bridge. One angler, Mr Bullwell, lands a fish and we see the weighing in which is carried out by Mr Meadows. Ends with a brief shot of the winner, George Beales of Boston.
Featured People: George Beales of Boston, winner of the All-England Angling Championships, 1912; Mr Bullwell, angler; Mr Meadows, official
Featured Events: The All-England Angling Championships, Ely, 1912
Featured Buildings: Ely Cathedral

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