Monday, March 12, 2012

Border Law - 1923

Country: United States
Language: English
Director: Ford Beebe
Writer: Ford Beebe (story)
Stars: Leo D. Maloney, Pauline Curley and Pedro Valenzuela
Release Date: 21 January 1923 (USA)
Production Co: Malobee Productions
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Texas Ranger | Boarder | Texas | Mexican | Artist  | Gang Leader | Daughter | Hostage | Gang Member | Father | Two Reeler | Kidnapper | Damsel In Distress | Low Budget Film | Kidnapping | Poverty Row Film | Mexico | Deceit | 1920s |
Contraband | Mexican Border | B Western | Gunfire | Deception | Duplicity | Two Word Title | Mexican Police | Impostor | Henchman | Smuggling | Sagebrush | Cigarette Smoking | B Movie | Independent Film
Genres: Short | Action | Adventure | Western
Texas Ranger Chuck Williams (Leo D. Maloney, as Leo Maloney)is the bashful sweetheart of the daughter, Ellen (Pauline Curley), of the captain of his Texas Rangers troop. He is working with the Mexican Rurales in an effort to stop a gang of gun runners. The gang-leader shows up, posing as an artist, and Ellen takes him in as a boarder to make Chuck jealous. But Chuck is wise to the boarder, who kidnaps Ellen and heads for the mountain hideout of his gang. 

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