Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gordon-Bennett-Autorennen (17.6.1904)

(c) Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF e.V.
Germany 1904
Director: Julius Neubronner
English title: Gordon Bennett Motor Race
Synopsis: Julius Neubronner (1852-1932), a chemist and inventor from Kronberg was one of the first people to film in the Rhine-Main region. He purchased his first camera in 1903, a "Kino" manufactured by Dresdner Foto-Firma. With his camera Neubronner recorded historical events as well as the everyday life of his family. Furthermore, he also shot short sketches performed by himself and his family on a stage set-up in the garden of their home. For "Gordon Bennett Motor Race" Neubronner positioned his camera next to the track of the then highly popular race (1 million onlookers along the 40 kilometer track) and recorded the passing race cars. Through the use of a visual trick the footage makes the cars appear much closer to each other than they actually were.
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