Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dunces and Dangers - 1918

This one-reel comedy will have you screaming and sweating, as Larry Semon and his girl are chased up and down the sides of buildings, fighting heavies on rooftop ledges, skittering across rickety bridges in mid-air and see-sawing on ladders over the city far below.
Hans Koenekamp was the cinematographer, and he later became senior visual effects wizard at Warner Brothers. This short will help show you why. And it's all a full year before Harold Lloyd stepped out on a ledge for the first time. Highly recommended.
Larry Semon ... Larry
Madge Kirby ... Larry's Wife
William Hauber
Owen Evans
Pietro Aramondo (as Pete Aromando)
Frank Alexander
Directed by Larry Semon
Written by Larry SEmon
Presented by Albert E. Smith
Release Date:5 August 1918 (USA)
Production Co:Vitagraph Company of America

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