Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ceylon in 1930, Honeymooners holiday, Sri Lanka

Amateur home movie from 1930. A couple of British honeymooners in the middle of an 18-month trip round world reach Ceylon.
Colombo, Ceylon, Sri Lanka, India. Asia.
The Galle Face and hotel. Beach scene, deserted. Sunday morning in swimming pool. Playing, diving, swimming. Calling on the Pitkins and visiting Mount Lauinia being pulled in rickshaw. On beach. Shaking hands with dog. Drive along the sea road with the Roberts in horse-drawn cart and car at Bentota. Fishermen on beach hauling in nets (?). A glimpse of the disastrous floods, May 1930 flooded villages. Short of 750 mile Tour of Ceylon. A jungle road with car. Kurunesala: Singhalese types. Carrying on head. Villages. Buffalo at work. Paddy field five teams of oxen yoked. Potter's Clay at Mihintale. Interesting spinning of the wheel Trincomalee. Palm Trees. Fisherman's boats on beach.

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