Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Golden Louis - 1909

American movie. Directed and Written By D. W. Griffith, Cinematography, Arthur Marvin. As a frail young girl is outside begging in the snow, she collapses from weakness and from the cold. A well-dressed gentleman passes by and sees her, and he leaves a valuable gold coin in the shoe that she was using to collect alms. Meanwhile, at a gambling house nearby, another man is having a bad night and is becoming desperate. He walks outside, and he notices the girl and the coin. He could easily take it, but he is torn between his need and his pity for the girl. Written by Snow Leopard
Anita Hendrie ... The Mother
Adele DeGarde ... The Child
Owen Moore ... The Good Samaritan
Charles Inslee ... The Gambler
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Linda Arvidson ... Reveller
Kate Bruce Gladys Egan George Gebhardt ... Reveller
Arthur V. Johnson ... Gambler
Florence Lawrence Marion Leonard ... Reveller
Wilfred Lucas Mack Sennett ... Gambler / Reveller
Dorothy West ... Reveller
Herbert Yost ... Gambler / Reveller

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