Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eastside Urchins Bathing in a Fountain - 1903

American movie. October 30, 1903
Directed by Edwin S. Porter
Original Edison catalog description:
Shows a number of boys bathing in a fountain on the East Side. While they are at the height of their amusement, which consists of splashing the bystanders and swimming around, a policeman suddenly appears. There is immediately a wild scramble from the fountain, the boys seizing their clothing and dashing away, almost nude, through the streets.
"It's da Cops! Cheese it!!"
This is one in a series of films done by Porter for Edison Studios in which he documented the city's ghetto life. While many of the films produced were 'actualities,' there are some like this one, which were set up specifically for the camera.
Film from the Library Of Congress

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