Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Graduated, But ... (1929, Japan)

Only a few minutes survive of this essentially lost silent film of famed Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu called I Graduated, But ... From 1929. Consider this video like watching a longer than usual trailer for the film. :)
It's about a recent college graduate who can't find a job because he considers an entry level office job beneath him. This forces the wife to have to work to support them, which makes the husband jealous and angry. Finally he is humbled and goes back to the same business to ask for work again, he is hired, and the marriage is restored.
It's funny to see in the couple's apartment a poster for Harold Lloyd's Speedy, an American silent film that came out the year before! It shows you that the Japanese were well aware of American films, and admired them.

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