Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Victoria Luise 1913 - experimental color movie

German movie. This is an experimantal color footage that was produced in 1913 during the wedding of emperor Wilhelm´s daughter. Three synchronous black-and-white recordings with monochromatic color filters were used somewhat similar to the later Technicolor system. These pictures were not artificially colorized.
The quality is far behind black/white recordings of the same event. The early orthocromatic material had a bad gamma curve. Therefore, colors are only visible in bright light and with little graduation. Also the color filters greatly reduced the incoming light, forcing them to record with full aperture and a long duration of exposure.
Regretably I dont have many technical details. You can find some information in the documentation "Majestät brauchen Sonne" by Peter Schamoni.
By the way, the streets were actually yellow during this event because a layer of sand was used for the safety of the horsemen.

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