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The World and the Woman - 1916

The World and the Woman: Five reels of approximately 5,000 feet, released November 19, 1916, Pathé Exchange.
Jeanne Eagel's film debut tells the story of a prostitute turned faith healer in this five reel feature, released by Pathé.
Directed by W. Eugene Moore. Scenario by Philip Lonergan, possibly based on the play Outcast.
Print source: George Eastman House, 1 hour, 6 minutes.
Cast: Jeanne Eagels (woman of the streets), Ethelmary Oakland (Sunny, her daughter), Boyd Marshall (the man), Thomas A Curran (James Palmer), Wayne Arey (Jim Rollins), Grace DeCarlton (Rollins' wife), Carey L. Hastings (Anna Graham).
Original music composed and performed by Andrew Crow (​people/​crowa.htm.)
The World and the Woman is historically important as the screen debut of legendary actress Jeanne Eagels. The role of a prostitute turned faith healer is suitably challenging for the star.
Edwin Thanhouser began phasing down production at the studio in early 1917, so this is a very late Thanhouser film. The World and the Woman demonstrates many important advances of the previous few years such as feature length, editing techniques (for instance, watch here for camera-position changes in the middle of action), and more complex, expressive, and thoughtful story development. Part of the story is based on one of Eagels' stage successes, The Outcast.
Locations, a strength of Thanhouser pictures, included Manhattan and the Adirondack mountains in addition to studio interiors. The Woman and the World was released as a "Pathé Gold Rooster Play," in accordance with Thanhouser's releasing contract with the Pathé Exchange.

For futher information on films by Thanhouser, visit the site above. Let’s keep memories of this great studio alive.

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