Friday, August 12, 2011

The Voice of Conscience - 1912

The Voice of Conscience: One reel of approximately 1,000 feet, September 3, 1912
Two girls fall in love with the same man. Out motoring one day they are thrown from the machine and carried to the hospital. One of the girls poisons the other. The story swings into a very pleasant finish.
Print source: George Eastman House, 14 minutes 22 seconds.
Cast: Edmond J. Hayes (dying father), Jean Darnell (orphan), Florence LaBadie (visiting girl), Harry Benham (suitor), Justice Barnes (doctor).
Original music composed and performed by Ben Model (​).
The shackles of studio filming are largely broken in The Voice of Conscience, filmed in a variety of New Rochelle locations. The freedom is also evident in the cinematography which uses subtle panning and tilting in several shots, plus one trick shot and one unusual composition.

For futher information on films by Thanhouser, visit the site above. Let’s keep memories of this great studio alive.

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