Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shep's Race with Death - 1914

Shep’s Race with Death: One reel, approx. 790 feet, released November 1, 1914
Heroic dog "Shep" saves the day, also featuring the "Thanhouser Twins" Marion and Madeline Fairbanks.
Directed by John Harvey.
Print source: Museum of Modern Art, 12 minutes, 15 seconds.
Cast: Mrs. Whitcove (Mrs. Mateland), J.S. Murray (Mr. Stearns), Marie Rainford (Mrs. Stearns), Marion and Madeline Fairbanks (the twins), Shep (the Thanhouser Collie, as himself).
Original music by Ray Burbacher​people/​Rayb.htm.
The simple story of a heroic dog that saves the day appealed to audiences (especially with a well-trained animal as attractive and energetic as Shep), and became a movie staple for generations.

For futher information on films by Thanhouser, visit the site above. Let’s keep memories of this great studio alive.

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