Friday, August 12, 2011

She - 1911

She: Two reels of approx.2,000 feet, released December 26, 1911.
Thanhouser's first two reel film, an adventure/fantasy, with James Cruze in dual role of the hero.
Directed by George O. Nichols. Scenario adapted from H. Rider Haggard's novel of the same name.
Print source: Em Gee, 24 minutes, 40 seconds.
Cast: Marguerite Snow ("She"); James Cruze (Leo Vincey and also Kallikrates, his ancient ancestor; in the tomb scene, in Part II, by double exposure photography), Viola Alberti (the Pharaoh's daughter), William C. Cooper, Horace Holly, Irma Taylor, Harry Benham, Alphonse Ethier, Marie Eline (Leo Vincey as a youth).
Original music composed and performed by Ray Burbacher (​people/​Rayb.htm).
The sensational popular story was one of three Haggard novels filmed by Thanhouser. It has many of the elements found in the not-yet-invented adventure/fantasy serial genre. Thanhouser’s expertise in location work, costume fantasy, and elaborate storytelling pay off in in She, the studio’s first single-release two-reel production. The double role of the hero is played by James Cruze, Thanhouser’s best-known actor, who was something of an adventurer himself. In the 1920s he became the highest-paid director in Hollywood. Margurite Snow was also one of the core of Thanhouser’s stock company who enjoyed popularity as stars began to be identified and promoted.

For futher information on films by Thanhouser, visit the site above. Let’s keep memories of this great studio alive.

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