Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fantômas III: Le Mort Qui Tue (1913, France)

Fantômas III: Le Mort Qui Tue (The Murderous Corpse) (1913)
1. Le Drame rue Novins (The Tragedy in Rue Novins)
2. L'Enquête de Fandor (Fandor's Investigation)
3. Le Collier de la princesse (The Princess's Necklace)
4. Le Banquier Nanteul (The Banker Nanteul)
5. Elizabeth Dollon
6. Les Gants de peau humaine (The Human Skin Gloves)
Fantômas is a silent crime film serial directed by Louis Feuillade, based on the series of novels of the same name. The five episodes were released in 1913-1914
The series consists of five episodes, each an hour to an hour and a half in length, which end in cliffhangers, i.e., episodes one and three end with Fantomas making a last minute escape, the end of the second movie has Fantômas blowing up Lady Beltham's manor house with Juve and Fandor, the two heroes, still inside. The subsequent episodes begin with a recap of the story that has gone before. Each film is further divided into three or more chapters that do not end in cliffhangers.
Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Georges Melchior and Renée Carl

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