Friday, March 18, 2011

Bigorno fume l'opium - 1914

Country: France
Language: French
Bigorno is by the seashore with his wife and mother in law when a friend returns from a trip to the Orient with gifts -- including a hookah and supply of Opium, which Bigorno tries, with disastrous results to the furniture.
This is the first of the Bigorno series I have encountered and although it is well directed by Romeo Bosetti, better remembered for directing the Patouillard series of breakneck slapstick. This attempt to meld pure destructive slapstick with a more human, Max Linder style character does not really work. Perhaps the failure lies in not having seen others in the series and so not having a chance to develop a familiarity with the character. Perhaps one reel is not enough to permit more than some scene-setting (which takes up more than half the film and one gag.
Or, more likely, this one is not really very good and with Max Linder as competition, as well as Keystone imports from the US, the days for this style of screen comedy were numbered

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