Thursday, March 17, 2011

Devushka s korobkoy - 1927

The Girl with the Hat Box // Девушка с коробкой // Devushka s korobkoy
Natasha and her grandfather live in a cottage near Moscow, making hats for Madame Irène. Madame and her husband have told the housing committee that Natasha rents a room from them; this fiddle gives Madame's lazy husband a room for lounging. The local railroad clerk, Fogelev, loves Natasha but she takes a shine to Ilya, a clumsy student who sleeps in the train station. To help Ilya, Natasha marries him and takes him to Madame's to live in the room the house committee thinks is hers. Meanwhile, Madame's husband pays Natasha with a lottery ticket he thinks is a loser, and when it comes up big, just as Ilya and Natasha are falling in love, everything gets complicated.
Boris Vasilyevich Barnet (Russian: Борис Васильевич Барнет; 18 June 1902 -- 8 January 1965) was a Soviet film director, actor and screenwriter. He directed 27 films between 1927 and 1963.
Director: Boris Barnet
Writers: Vadim Shershenevich, Valentin Turkin
Stars: Anna Sten, Vladimir Mikhajlov and Vladimir Fogel

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