Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Assunta Spina - 1915

Assunta Spina is one of the masterpieces of Italian silent film, released in 1915. Outside Italy, it is sometimes known as Sangue Napolitano ("Neapolitan Blood").
The original novel from which the story was taken was written by Salvatore di Giacomo, and had been adapted to a successful theatre drama in 1909. Before Francesca Bertini became a famous actress, she would perform in this drama as a walk-on in the laundry scenes. Five years later, when she had started her career as a film actress, she and actor-director Gustavo Serena adapted the drama for film. Bertini is sometimes listed as co-director of the film.
Directors: Francesca Bertini, Gustavo Serena
Writers: Francesca Bertini, Salvatore Di Giacomo (novel) (play)
Stars: Francesca Bertini, Gustavo Serena and Carlo Benetti

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