Thursday, February 2, 2012

King John - 1899

Country: United Kingdom
Directors: Walter Pfeffer Dando, William K.L. Dickson
Writer: William Shakespeare (play)
Stars: Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Louis Calvert and S.A. Cookson
Release Date: September 1899 (UK)
Also known as: Beerbohm Tree, the Great English Actor (USA), János király (Hungary)
Production Co: British Mutoscope & Biograph Company
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: William Shakespeare | Partially Lost Film | Based On Play | Character Name In Title
Genres: Short | Drama
This short film recreates King John's death scene at the end of the play. Based on Shakespeare's play, Act V, Scene vii: King John is in torment, and his supporters fear that his end is near. As he writhes in agony, he is attended by Prince Henry, the Earl of Pembroke, and Robert Bigot. Prince Henry tries repeatedly to comfort his delirious father, but to no avail - John's pain is too great
Trivia: The first known Shakespeare film, only one of the four scenes survives, King John's death scene.  

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