Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Headin' Home - 1920

Country: USA
Language: English (intertitles)
Director: Lawrence C. Windom
Writers: Arthur 'Bugs' Baer (titles), Earle Browne (story)
Stars: Babe Ruth, Ruth Taylor and William Sheer
Release Date: 19 September 1920 (USA)
Filming Locations: Polo Grounds, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Production Co: Kessell & Baumann
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Ironically, this film was partially financed by gambler Abe Attell, a gambler who had helped Arnold Rothstein fix the 1919 World Series. Babe Ruth, the star of the film, has always been credited with saving baseball after the 1919 Black Sox scandal.
Babe Ruth received $25,000 for this, his first film. The sum was a large amount for the time, and Ruth refused to cash his paycheck and carried it around to show to friends. By the time Ruth had decided to cash his check for the film, the check bounced because of the film's poor box office results. Ruth shrugged off his loss and kept the check as a memento. 
Plot Keywords: Baseball | Actor Playing Himself
Genres: Biography | Comedy | Drama | Sport

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