Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Domik v Kolomne - 1913

Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Director: Pyotr Chardynin
Writer: Alexander Pushkin (poem)
Stars: Praskovya Maksimova (The widow), Sofya Goslavskaya (Parasha, her daughter) and Ivan Mozzhukhin (The officer / Mavrusha)
Release Date: 19 October 1913 (Russia)
Also known as: La petite maison de Kolomm (France), The Little House in Kolomna (International - English title)
Production Co: Khanzhonkov
Genres: Comedy | Short
Based on the verse story by Pushkin: Pretty young Parasha is living with her widowed mother. Parasha diligently takes care of many household tasks, but she also enjoys flirting with the guards officers who pass by her window, and she has one particular favorite. One day, Parasha's mother asks her to hire a cook, and to do so as cheaply as possible. Parasha and her beau soon see a way to use this situation to their own advantage.

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