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Easy Virtue - 1928

Country: United Kingdom
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Noel Coward (play), Eliot Stannard (scenario)
Stars: Isabel Jeans, Franklin Dyall and Eric Bransby Williams
Release Date: 1928 (USA)
Also known as: Easy Virtue (UK - original title); Frágil virtud (Venezuela); Fragile virtù (Italy); Könnyed erkölcsök (Hungary); Kevytkenkäinen (Finland); Le passé ne meurt pas (France); Mulher Pública (Brazil); Olovlig kärlek (Sweden); Virtud fácil (Argentina)
Filming locations: French Riviera, Alpes-Maritimes, France; Islington, London, England, UK (studio)
Production Co: Gainsborough Pictures
Runtime: 79 min  | 89 min (Hypercube restored version)
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
The play opened in London and New York City in 1925. The New York City production began on 7 December 1925 and had 147 performances with Jane Cowl as Larita, Robert Harris as John and Halliwell Hobbes as Colonel Whittaker.
Director Cameo
Alfred Hitchcock:  walking past a tennis court carrying a walking stick.
While sitting with Larita after she is hit with the tennis ball, John's sitting position changes between shots. 
When Larita's hurt face is being tended to by a nurse, Larita's hand jumps from being in her lap to near her face between shots. 
John's distance from Larita changes dramatically after she shakes shaking her cocktail at the another table then suddenly is next to Larita's table.
When Sarah and Larita first meet, John stands in between them. But in the next shot he is shown on the far left of the girls. 
After talking to his mom about Larita and sitting next to Sarah, John's leg and arm positions change between shots.
When the three men are talking together at the horse track, the people standing in the background change positions then disappear in subsequent shots. 
[first title card]
Title Card: Virtue is its own reward they say - but 'easy virtue' is society's reward for a slandered reputation.
[first lines]
Prosecutor: Mrs. Filton, do you wish the Jury to believe the co-respondent never kissed you?
[last lines]
Larita Filton: [to news photographers] Shoot! There's nothing left to kill.
Mrs. Whittaker: In our world we do not understand this code of easy virtue.
Plot Keywords: Artist | Divorce | France | Secret | Trial  | Cigarette Smoking | Mansion |
Drunkenness | Scandal | Photographer | Public Domain | Signature | Director Cameo | Marriage | Camera | Alcoholic | Mother Son Relationship | Judge | Courtroom | Tennis |
Newlywed Couple | Eavesdropping | Estate | Father In Law Daughter In Law Relationship | Dog | England | Deception | Secret Past | Portrait | Mother In Law Daughter In Law Relationship | Attorney | Male Female Relationship | Telephone Operator | Polo | Cigar Smoking | Party | Secret From Husband | Bedroom | Husband Wife Relationship |
Family Relationships | Hotel | Lawyer | Secret From Family | Jury | Court | Reputation |
Co Respondent | Train | French Riviera | Romantic Kiss | Mediterranean Sea | Party Invitation | Gunfire | Character Says I Love You | Flashback | Guilt | Dining Room | Horse And Carriage | Based On Play | Title Spoken By Character
Genres: Romance | Thriller
A divorcée hides her scandalous past from her new husband and his family. Larita Filton is named as correspondent in a scandalous divorce case. She escapes to France to rebuild her life where she meets John Whittaker. They are later married, but John's well-to-do family finds out Larita's secret.

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