Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tercentenary of the Romanov Dynasty's Accession - 1913

Country: Russia
Directors: Nikolai Larin, Aleksandr Uralsky
Writer: Yevgeni Ivanov
Stars: Vladimir Popov (Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich), S. Tarasov (Nobleman Sheremetev) and Yevgeni Ivanov (Historian Avramiy Palitsyn)
Release Date: 16 February 1913 (Russia)
Also known as: Tercentenary of the Romanov Dynasty's Accession (International -English title); Trzysta lat panowania domu Romanowów (Poland), Tryokhsotletie tsarstvovaniya doma Romanovykh (Russia) 
Production Co: Drankov and Taldykin
Runtime: Russia: 44 min
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Genres: Short
Very loyal, respectful survey of 300 years of Russian history, from the "Time of Troubles" (Polish invasion) in 1613 to the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in 1913.The coronation of the first Romanov, Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov (played by young Michael Chekhov) is an early highlight, after the Russian defenders finally beat off the Polish invaders. (Co-director Larin & several actors were injured in the battle scenes.) Film concludes with celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian victory in the War of 1812. Also included is documentary footage of the coronation of the last Romanov, Nicholas II, in 1896. Written by Prof Steven P Hill, Russian & Cinema, University of Illinois.    
PS= Unfortunately this footage represents only fragments of the movie. 

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