Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Artist's Dreams - 1913

Country: USA
Director: John Randolph Bray
Stars: John Randolph Bray and Margaret Bray
Release Date: 12 June 1913 (USA)
Also known as: The Dachshund and the Sausage (undefined) / (USA - informal title)
Production Co: Pathé Frères, J.R. Bray Studios
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Artist | Dog | Part Live Action | Part Animation | Surrealism  | Cartoon Reality Crossover | Cartoon Dog | Animation Filmmaking | Cartoonist | Dachshund
Genres: Animation | Short
An artist draws a dog who comes to life and eats a plate of sausages.
There had been cinematic animations of drawings before Bray turned out this, his first animated cartoon, as far back as Blackton's Sketches in 1896. But animation remained a labor-intensive and expensive form of movie, because someone had to draw each frame. Bray's studio was notable on two points: first, a lot of talent in the field passed through his doors, including Lantz, Fleischer and Paul Terry; and he bought or encouraged the invention of various methods to bring the cost of cartoon production down to a manageable level: the Hurd-Bray patents were key to this, including cel technique.
Therefore, although this is not the first animation or even the first regularly issued series of animation -- that honor would belong to Emile Cohl in France -- it is crucial because without it there would be very little: no Looney Toons, no Betty Boop, no Woody Woodpecker.... and so it is important.
But when confronted with the statement that a particular film is important, we are, nonetheless, left with the question of 'is it any good?' Yes, it is. The animation is lively and the sequence in which the dog steals and devours a sausage is delightful. If you get a chance to witness this landmark film, don't miss the chance to get some enjoyment out of your research.

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