Monday, January 23, 2012

Ford Automobiles 1903 1917 (1917)

Country: United States
Clip is a compilation of wide ranging views of the Ford automobile in the early 1900s (date of the compilation is unknown). Includes footage of the Ford Motor Company assembly line; views of the Detroit Bagley Avenue Shop in which Henry Ford built his first automobile in 1896, the Quadricycle; Ford cars being driven in the desert and through mountains; a horse-drawn sled towing a Ford pickup truck; views of the Ford Motor Company Highland Park Plant including workers leaving the plant; busy city street scenes; a Ford Model T driving in the snow; an aerial view of automobiles driving on a winding road; a parade of tractors; footage of automobiles racing; a motorcycle leading a motorcade of cars and trucks; automobiles on mountain roads; an automobile being turned into a camper; and an automobile next to an icy pond.

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