Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hints and Hobbies No. 1 - 1926

Country: United Kingdom
The Hints and Hobbies series was a bizarre and eclectic mix of handy hints shown to inter-war cinemagoers. The range of advice given in this edition varies from good, sensible and practical advice on how to treat a fracture from the capable Mrs Webb of the St John's Ambulance Brigade, to the more obscure, yet intriguing, way of how to supplement your rent; improbably, in true Blue Peter style, by making vases for dried flowers out of cardboard and cretonne. Cretonne?... Presumably it's as elusive to find as sticky-backed plastic.
By far the most wonderful sequence (shown here) is advice on how to be the perfect husband. A nervous middle-class London wife opens and presents a series of bills for hats and outfits from fashionable Knightsbridge shops to her husband. He studies them carefully, and sweetly reassures her that her purchases are most reasonable and that she really should have bought two costumes at such economical prices! (Sharon Messenger)
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