Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Christmas Crackers - 1910


Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Stars: A.E. Coleby
Release Date: 1910 (United Kingdom)
Production Co: Cricks & Martin Films
Genres: Documentary | Short
Factory workers make Christmas crackers, a process that is shown in detail. Girls are shown making the stockings on sewing machines. A woman operates the machine that makes the tum-tums (the cards at the center of the crackers). A man operates a machine that prepares the paper that makes up the body of the cracker. A man at a band saw cuts out paper caps. A woman folds and glues together the paper caps. Two women put together and pack the crackers. Finally, a family is shown at Christmas. Mother and children dance around the Christmas tree. Father and grandfather stand close by. Father tosses a box of crackers into the air, and the children gather them off the floor. There's a gigantic cracker on top of the tree. Father takes it down and has two of the children pull it apart. In a puff of smoke, Santa Claus emerges from it and hands out gifts to the children.

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