Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daisy Doodad's Dial - 1914

Country: United Kingdom
Director: Laurence Trimble
Stars: Florence Turner and Tom Powers
Release Date: April 1914 (UK)
Production Co: Turner Films
Plot Keywords: Contest | Dream Sequence | Arrest | Face | Making Faces  |  Toothache |
Character Name In Title
Genres: Short | Comedy
For those who like their humour daft and thoroughly unsophisticated, this silent short will be a delight. The titular Daisy enters a face-pulling competition ('dial' - as in watch dial - is neglected slang for a face), but on the big day she falls victim to toothache. When her husband returns from the contest triumphant, the distinctly unladylike Daisy vows revenge in the next competition. But her impromptu rehearsal on a train causes chaos among her fellow passengers, and things only get worse after she is arrested for disturbing the peace...
Director/lead actress Florence Turner was an early Hollywood star, who briefly operated her own production company in Britain in the mid-1910s. Back in Hollywood in the late-1920s, she appeared alongside Buster Keaton in 'College' (1927), before her star faded. (Mark Duguid).

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