Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Détresse et Charité - 1905

Country: France
Also known as: The Christmas Angel
Review extracted from imdb:
Unlike all other Méliès films I've seen so far, this one plays it serious - as a melodram. A poor family in a run-down house where snow falls through the broken roof, there's no coal to heat the pathetic little stove, mother is sick, father sends daughter out to beg. Rejected by other beggars, the girl twice collapses to die in the snow... and then, the happy end indicated in the title :) I enjoyed watching this very much. Sometimes a teardrop in the eye makes one feel more involved with a film..
Notable details: an automobile (cardboard prop, though) and an interesting bakery scene where half of the screen is inside, the other half outside, done with a partly missing wall.

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