Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keystone Kops: Our Dare-Devil Chief (1915) 1 of 3

Classic Keystone Kop slapstick with the police chief (Ford Sterling) being pursued by the mayors wife (Minta Durfee) and also by a band of crooks (including Edward F. Cline and Al St. John), but for different reasons. The Mayors wife is in love with the Police Chief, while the crooks want to blow him up with dynamite. The Police Chief suspects that the Mayor (Harry Bernard) might be on the crooks side. The final confrontation with the crooks involves a gag in which the Police Chief ties a rope to a messenger he sends to deliver a note to the crooks, with the other end tied around him. The Mayor gets tangled up in the events, and the Keystone Kops arrest the bad guys. Directed by Charley Chase.

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