Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mon pantalon est décousu - 1908

Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 15 February 1908 (France)
Director: André Heuzé
Writer: André Heuzé
Stars: Max Linder
Max Linder was one of the greatest early film comics who deserves to be wider known than he is. Long before the likes of Keaton, Lloyd and Chaplin - who acknowledged Linder as a major source of inspiration - Linder was creating short comedies that were far in advance of anything else being produced. While most early short comedies relied too much on people kicking each other up the backside for laughs, Linder took a look at the small things in life from which laughs could be wrung.
In the case of this film he plays a young man about town who splits his trousers while getting ready to go out one night. After applying some rather risky repairs without taking the trousers off, Max gingerly heads off to a dinner party. Of course, disaster strikes almost as soon as he arrives, and he spends the rest of the film frantically attempting to hide the gaping tear in his trousers from the other guests.

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