Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Max à Monaco - 1913

Country: France
Language: French
Production Co: S.C.A.G.L.
When this German count is in a hurry in order to attend one of those worthless soirées, watching a short film by Herr Max Linder is the perfect choice in order to satisfy the silent film anxiety of this German aristocrat and keep his fat Teutonic heiresses happy as well.
This time the short film was "Max À Monaco" but the title is a deceptive one because the whole story of the film happens at sea, mostly in a French warship anchored near the Monte Carlo casino port (a complete waste of time, certainly… you know, to visit a warship instead of visiting the Monte Carlo casino where you can waste both your time and your money.) Anyway, in spite of that, our hero will stagger from stem to stern in a complete state of drunkenness and that causes him some problems with the crew and of that frenchified warship. It's the perfect excuse then to watch those funny slapstick Herr Linder moments.
Ironically, "Max À Monaco" premiered in Berlin cinemas ( this German count was there at the theatre with his medals won in futile wars... ) the same day that Germany declared war; the First World War, a terrible time full of disgrace and sorrow. It was particularly tragic for Herr Linder who was called to arms. From that time on, nothing was ever the same again for the world or Max Linder.

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