Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Conquering Power - 1921

Country: United States
Director: Rex Ingram
Writers: Honoré de Balzac (story), June Mathis
Stars: Alice Terry, Rudolph Valentino and Ralph Lewis
Release Date: 8 July 1921 (USA)
Also known as: Eugénia Grandet (Portugal), Eugénie Grandet (France), Eugenia Grandet (Spain), Eugenie Grandet (USA - alternative title), Unga hjärtan (Sweden)
Production Co: Metro Pictures Corporation
Runtime: 89 min
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Genres: Drama
Young playboy Charles Grandet is sent to live with his miserly uncle after his father loses his fortune. He and his cousin Eugenie fall in love, but his uncle sends him away and tries to arrange a marriage more to his liking (and profit!). Will true love triumph?
Memorable quotes
Victor Grandet: [in a letter read by his brother Pere Grandet] My dear brother, After twenty years, I am sending my son to you for by the time this letter reached you, I shall be no more. My entire fortune has been swept away by speculation on the stock market. I owe millions. In three days all Paris will say I was a rogue and I shall be wrapped in a winding sheet of infamy. My dying prayer is that you will be a father to my boy and may God bless you as you fulfill this trust. Your despairing brother, Victor Grandet.
Version of Eugénie Grandet (1994) (TV Movie)    

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