Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Battle Royal - 1916

Country: United States
Director: Willard Louis
Stars: Oliver Hardy, Billy Ruge and Elsie MacLeod
Release Date: 13 April 1916 (USA)
Also known as: A Battle Royal (USA - alternative title)
Filming Locations: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Production Co: Vim Comedy Film Company
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Hill | Neighbor | Kentucky | Bootlegger | Backwoods  |  Still | Illegal Still | Rifle | Chop Down Tree | Off Screen Narration | Feuding Families | Whiskey | White Lightning | Alcohol | One Reeler | Treasury Agent
Genres: Comedy | Short
In the hills of Kentucky, the Plumps and the Runts are neighbors and bootleggers. Peter Plump is in love with one of the Runts, and her brother is in love with one of the Plumps. The courting and the spooning go well until Peter and his future brother-in-law hook the same fish and start a fight over whose it is. The fracas escalates, and soon the two families are shooting at each other. If love can't bring the two sides back together, what can? 

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