Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mysterious Cafe - 1901

Country: United States
Production Co: Edison Manufacturing Company
Genres: Short | Fantasy
As the above title indicates, the scene does not take place in an ordinary restaurant, but one in which all natural rules of order and gravitation are reversed. The couple above mentioned have a most trying experience while endeavoring to partake of a square meal. They find themselves flying about the room from chairs to table, and vice versa, until they are both completely bewildered, ending in a general mix-up, which is sure to provoke much merriment. Written by Edison Catalog
This is a trick film, directed by Edwin Porter for the Edison Company. It follows the pioneering work of French filmmaker Georges Méliès, who developed special camera effects to achieve magical results. These effects included stop motion, dissolves, and multiple exposures. The novelty of motion pictures in the early days made these effects extraordinarily entertaining   

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