Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Rough House - 1917

Country: USA
Language: English
Directors: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Buster Keaton
Writers: Buster Keaton, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle (story), Joseph Anthony Roach (story)
Stars: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Buster Keaton and Al St. John
Release Date: 25 June 1917 (USA)
Also known as: Fatty chez lui (France); La casa tempestosa (Italy); La casa tempestuosa (Venezuela); Tres pies al gato (Spain-DVD title).
Filming Locations: Norma Talmadge Studio, New York City, New York, USA.
Production Co: Comique Film Company
Genres: Comedy | Short
Directorial debut of Buster Keaton. Buster Keaton hadn't yet solidified his "Great Stone Face" persona; he smiles, laughs, grimaces, and smirks. Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle performs a prototype of the "dancing dinner rolls" that Charles Chaplin used in The Gold Rush. Until "The Rough House" - thought to be lost - was rediscovered, Chaplin was credited with creating the gag.
Roscoe, his wife and his mother-in-law run a seaside resort. Buster plays a gardener who puts out a fire started by Roscoe, then a delivery boy who fights with the cook St. John, then a cop.

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