Saturday, November 12, 2011

Robbery Under Arms - 1920

Country: Australia
Director: Kenneth Brampton
Writers: Rolf Boldrewood (novel), Kenneth Brampton
Stars: Jackie Anderson, Vera Archer and Kenneth Brampton
Release Date: 2 October 1920 (Australia)
Production Co: Pacific Photo Plays
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Continuity: When Warrigal sees the troopers arriving to thwart the stage robbery, only three are seen riding up. However, five troopers arrive at the stage coach. Three troopers are seen riding to the gold fields to look for the Marsdens. The shot of these troopers is just a continuation of the shot used for the three troopers arriving at the stagecoach hold-up. When the troopers arrive at the tent, the number of troopers has dropped to two, one of whom is now an officer (white pants).
Plot Keywords: Remake | Based On Novel
Genres: Drama
Kenneth Brampton was one of many Australian film-makers who appeared and disappeared quickly on the silent film scene in Australia. Film distribution was controlled largely by the American studios, and Australian films had real trouble getting a look-in. As a result many great talents were wasted. Kenneth Brampton seems to be one of these - because this film is really very good.
It's a bush-ranging yarn, very popular at the time, about Captain Starlight, played well by Brampton himself, and his co-horts the Marsden family. Dick Marsden is especially well played by Roland Conway, who is the quintessential Aussie bloke.
But it is the excellent cinematography, lovingly filming the Australian bush, that really shines here - and Brampton's strong sense of narrative, perhaps from his stage background, keeps the story moving at a great pace. You'll really feel for the characters - and there is some fabulous surreal stuff toward the end. This is a gem of an Australian silent film

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