Friday, January 29, 2016

What a Whopper! (USA,1921)

The best shorts by Snub Pollard are those where he is in completely insane situations and handling them as if they were completely normal. This film is one of these. He goes out with his friend without their wives, both lying to their spouses about what they were actually doing. Pollard is paired with Marie Mosquine, a very funny (sometimes underrated) Ral Roach actress. Her angry face is enough to make the audience laugh and in this case she had reasons to be angry. Pollard and his friend, on their way back home, buy a fish (Pollard) and a duck (his friend) to ground their stories. They’d tell their wives they were together hunting, although they were actually in Turkish Baths. Unfortunately a small accident made both men exchange their packages and once they opened them at home they realized they didn’t have what they thought their did. However, they had already told the false story to their wives and, without the proper hunted animal, immediately find out they were deceived and give their husbands a lesson. The gags aren’t innovative, but were skillfully handled and the plot runs quite smoothly. Simple story, but carefully devised. 

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