Monday, December 17, 2012

45 Minutes From Hollywood - 1926

Country: United States
Language: English (intertitles)
Director: Fred Guiol
Writers: Hal Roach, H.M. Walker (titles)
Stars: Oliver Hardy, Glenn Tryon and Charlotte Mineau
Release Date: 26 December 1926 (USA)
Also Known As: A 45 minuti da Hollywood (Italy), Forty-five Minutes from Hollywood (USA - alternative spelling), Väter der Klamotte: Diese Dame ist ein Kerl (West Germany - TV title)
Filming Locations: Hal Roach Studios - 8822 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Runtime: USA: 21 min
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Hollywood | Bank Robbery | Hotel Detective | Jealousy | Tourist  |  Man Dressed As Woman | Bank Robber | Hotel Room | Tour | Place Name In Title | Celebrity | Number In Title
Genres: Short | Comedy
A young man visiting Hollywood on family business gets into trouble when he sees a bank robbery in progress, and thinks it is a movie scene.
A California family receives a notice that they must make a payment immediately, or else be forced out of their home. The payment must be made at an office in Hollywood, and so Grandpa, his granddaughter, and his grandson Orville all go together, full of excitement at the chance to see some movie stars. Grandpa misses the train, leaving the other two to continue alone. Once in Hollywood, they pass by a bank robbery in progress, which Orville mistakes for a movie scene. He rushes into the action, and is taken by one of the holdup gang, who leaves him unconscious and dressed like a woman in the room of a hotel detective. This creates considerable difficulty and embarrassment both for Orville and for the detective. 
Mother: Guard the money, son - Lookout for confidence men and assistant directors.
Edited into Laurel and Hardy's Laughing 20's (1965)

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