Thursday, July 26, 2012

Class film, Princeton University - 1922 and 1923

Country: United States
From the Princeton University archives: Class film of the Class of 1923 in two parts with titles. Part 1 includes excerpts of the football match against Yale (November 18, 1922 0:00) and Harvard (November 11, 1922 3:18), and championship bonfire (4:24), with footage of the tiger mascot (2:33). Part 2 includes the "flour picture" of the freshmen of the Class of 1926 (5:40), the Class of 1923 sports teams, boards, and officers, footage of the Triangle show "The Man from Earth (6:46), and excerpts of the football game against Chicago (October 28, 1922, 11:42).
This silent 16mm film is part of the Princeton University Class records (AC130) . For more information about this film or to comment on the footage see Mudd Library's blog "The Reel Mudd" at .

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