Monday, May 21, 2012

Figures Do Lie - 1928

Country: United States
Stars: Frank Alexander, Jack Cooper and Violet Palmer
Release Date: 1 April 1928 (USA)
Production Co: J.R. Bray Studios
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Genres: Short | Comedy
There is a series of silent comedies out on DVD called "Old Time Comedy Classics" and it consists of lesser-known comedies by mostly forgotten comedians. A few of these are excellent, but unfortunately many are pretty bad. In Volume 7, the only decent comedy short is FIGURES DO LIE. While it's nothing exceptional, it is worth seeing--even if it is in very many ways a copy of Harry Langdon's PICKING PEACHES, though "borrowing" from other films was relatively common at that time.
The very beginning of this film is missing and it stars Violet Palmer and Jack Cooper. Cooper is sneaking out to judge a beauty contest. When his wife finds out, instead of getting angry, she goes along in disguise along with the husband and a bevy of beauties. Once at the contest, she enters while wearing a mask and piques Cooper's curiosity.
The film is okay--mostly because it doesn't seem to stick to the main plot too well. After the wife wins the contest, the film should have then ended with her revealing who she really was. However, another side plot was added and it really tended to dilute the message. Plus, the comedy just wasn't all that well done, though it was worth seeing.
By the way, when you see the film, look at the beauty contestants. Standards of beauty sure have changed since 1928.

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