Wednesday, December 14, 2011

La presa di Roma - 1905

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Director: Filoteo Alberini
Stars: Ubaldo Maria Del Colle and Carlo Rosaspina
Release Date: 16 September 1905 (Italy)
Also known as: Bandiera bianca (Italy - alternative title),  La breccia di Porta Pia (Italy - alternative title), The Capture of Rome (International - English title)
Genres: Short
Trivia: The first fiction film to have come out of Italy.
Rome 1870: A blindfolded General Carchidio is escorted under blindfold from Ponte Milvio to General Ermanno Kanzler of the Papal Army. Carchidio issues an ultimatum to surrender to Kanzler which is refused, and a breach in the city walls is stormed by troops.
The original film was comprised of seven scenes lasting approximately fifteen minutes in total, and was the first film with a complex plot. The film recorded a crucial moment in the country's recent history: the capture of Rome by the newly-formed Italian army and the election of the city as the country's capital. It was produced with the co-operation of the country's Ministry of War.

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