Wednesday, October 26, 2011

La Possession de l'enfant - 1909

Country: France
Release Date: 26 July 1909 (France)
Also known as: Custody of the Child
Production Co: Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont
Director: Louis Feuillade
Stars: Renée Carl, Christiane Mandelys and Maurice Vinot
This Louis Feuillade film begins with a man gaining custody of his son. Why the mother loses custody is unknown, but the father is shown as rather cold and unforgiving. The child, though raised in luxury, is miserable and lonely. Later, the father takes the child to his mother's house and seems to forget the kid there! Soon, the mother takes the child home to raise herself. The father has a change of mind and looks for the kid. When he and the police find him with the mother, all is forgiven and the family becomes one once again.
Overall, the story is very, very simplistic and not especially believable. However, for 1909, this is exactly the sort of morality play that was typical and this film is a decent one from this period despite its shortcomings.

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