Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hope, a Red Cross Seal Story - 1912

Country: USA
Language: English (intertitles)
Release Date: 16 November 1912 (USA)
Also Known As: Hope USA (short title)
Production Co: Edison Company
Stars: Gertrude McCoy, George Lessey and Charles Ogle
At this time this Edison short was made, Tuberculosis was the leading cause of death in America and this film serves as a warning as well as giving hope that the disease doesn't have to mean death. An elderly man refuses to donate money to a Tuberculosis fund but soon his daughter (Gertrude McCoy) comes down with the disease. This film certainly comes off too dramatic today but at the time of release this was certainly serious stuff. McCoy is very good in her role as is Charles Ogle in his small role. The direction is also quite nice and handles the story well. The film tries to give hope to those with the disease and this also comes off quite well but even with all that said, the film just doesn't come off as powerful as I'm sure it once did. (Review extracted from IMDB site)

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