Friday, September 7, 2012

Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies - 1925

Country: United States
Director: Del Lord
Writers: Frank Capra, Felix Adler (titles), Al Giebler (titles - as A.H. Giebler), Jefferson Moffitt            
Stars: Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde and Lillian Knight
Release Date: 14 June 1925 (USA)
Production Co: Mack Sennett Comedies
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Automobile
Genres: Short | Comedy
An eccentric inventor has thought of a way that automobiles can run on radio waves, without gasoline. His plans put him in conflict with the owner of an oil company, who is also pursuing the inventor's daughter. This rival begins to scheme against the inventor, and it is left up to the inventor's hired man to try to stop him. 
The story here is of a man named Watts who is way ahead of his time inventing the radio remote controlled electric car. The only thing is, he invents a way to power all the cars with electric radio waves & not use gasoline. The cars even seem to be able to navigate all the roads by themselves. It is a modern environmentalist paradise until everything goes wrong.
The guy who is known as Mr Gas Can tries to hire someone to sabotage all the electric cars. That is because he needs to sell gas. There is an actress named Lillian Knight who plays Watt's daughter who is being approached by Mr Gas Can to be married. Ms. Knight looks very good in the picture.
Billy Bevan & Andy Clyde, both veteran actors of silents are the main players in this one. Mack Sennett asks his players to start at a slower pace in this movie. It does start a little slow. The last half of the film has gags at a rapid pace. Not all of them work, though if the car would have I think we'd be saving a lot of gas today. 
Edited into When Comedy Was King (1960) Mack Sennett segment 

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