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The Patchwork Girl Of Oz - 1914

Country: United States
Language: English (intertitles)
Director: J. Farrell MacDonald
Writers: L. Frank Baum (novel), L. Frank Baum (screenplay)
Stars: Violet MacMillan, Frank Moore and Raymond Russell
Release Date: 28 September 1914 (USA)
Also Known As: De adventuen van Ojo in Wonderland (Netherlands - informal literal title); L. Frank Baum's Whimsical Fairy Tale The Patchwork Girl of Oz (undefined); Ragged Girl of Oz (USA - reissue title); The Raggedy Girl (USA - reissue title)
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA; Oz Film Manufacturing Company Studios - Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (studio); Pan American Exposition, San Diego, California, USA
Production Co: Oz Film Manufacturing Company, The
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White
Plot Keywords: Journey | Oz | Turned To Stone | Sequel | Rag Doll  | Based On Novel
Taglines: It's a whirlwind of laughter, pathos and illusion; Be a Woozy; Be Square!; 5,000 FEET OF JOYOUS FILM!
Genres: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Comedy
Ojo and Unc Nunkie are out of food, so they decide to journey to the Emerald City where they will never starve. Along the way, they meet Mewel, a waif and stray (mule) who leads them to Dr. Pipt, who has been stirring the powder of life for nine years. Ojo adds plenty of brains to Margolotte's Patchwork servant before she is brought to life with the powder. When Scraps does come to life, she accidentally knocks the liquid of petrifaction upon Unc Nunkie, Margolotte, and Danx (daughter Jesseva's boyfriend). So all go on separate journeys to find the ingredients to the antidote. (Of course Jesseva has Danx shrunken to take with her, which causes trouble with Jinjur.) Of course, no one ever told Ojo that some of the ingredients were illegal to obtain... 
Harold Lloyd and Hal Roach, who both have minor roles in this film, met on this set in San Diego. Roach was impressed by Lloyd's energy and sought him out when he formed a production company in 1915 after receiving a small inheritance. Although their association was stormy, their association was ultimately one of the most successful in silent film history.
Film debut of Charles Ruggles'.
Featured in American Masters: Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius; The Hollywood Road to Oz; In Search of Oz; Oz: The American Fairyland; The Yellow Brick Road and Beyond footage shown; Time of the Robots contains footage from
Followed by The Magic Cloak; The New Wizard of Oz
Referenced in
Return to Oz Ozma's crown is a replica of Vivian Reed's crown from this movie;
After Hours; Real, the True, the GEN-U-INE Wizard of Oz: L. Frank Baum; The Last Temptation of Christ; The Dreamer of Oz A photo of Vivian Reed as Ozma can be seen on Baum's desk; Mr. Stitch
Version ofThe Patchwork Girl of Oz based on same novel 

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