Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mechanical Man - 1921

Country: Italy
Director: André Deed
Writer: André Deed
Stars: Giulia Costa, André Deed and Valentina Frascaroli
Giulia Costa                
André Deed ... Saltarello
Valentina Frascaroli ... The adventuress
Mathilde Lambert ... Elena D'Ara
Gabriel Moreau ... Professor D'Ara
Ferdinando Vivas-May ... Ramberti
Release Date: November 1921 (Italy)
Also known as: L'uomo meccanico (Italy-original title)
O homem mechanico (Brazil)
The Mechanical Man (USA)
Production Co: Milano Film
Runtime: 80 min
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White 
Plot Keywords: Robot
Genres: Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi
Trivia: For many years this early science fiction film from Italy was regarded as lost. Some reels of the Portuguese release version were discovered in Brazil. The discovered film amounted to 740 meters which is believed to be approximately 40% of the complete film. Luckily, the discovered footage came from the later part of the film and included some of the special effects and the battle of the two robots in the Opera House. By mid-2006, this is the only footage known to survive.

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