Monday, December 19, 2011

Airships: "The Call of the Air" - Part 2 (around 1922)

Country: United States
Lighter-than-air aircraft, ground and air shots illustrating activities and educational opportunities of students in this branch of the U.S. Air Service. The schools are located at Ross Field, California, Port Omaha, Nebraska, Brooks Field, Texas and Langley Field, Virginia.
Shows observation balloon, the giant zeppelin, ZDUS-1, the C-2 airship, and the German dirigible Bodensee. Shows also aerial down shots of Washington and environs.
At Port Omaha, Nebraska, the students, in addition to their other activities, learn how to fill balloons. There are a number recently built undergoing trials.
Reel 1:
1) P5 several balloons being inflated.
2) PS same area showing balloons being inflated.
3) AS several balloons completely inflated hanging suspended over crowd.
4) PS eight balloons about to be launched in flight.
5) LS one of the balloons rising.
6) Next he proceeds to Ross Field, Arcadia, California. Here he studies the intricate problem of building and maneuvering the observation balloon.
6) MS interior storage shed showing observation balloon being moved out of same by students.
The film was made after the Bodensee was transferred from Germany to the US in 1921, and before the C-2 burned in 1922

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